Coach Mentor Clinics – Free for all coaches!

The CDLA, in partnership with the Sr B Mounties and the Sr B Knights, are pleased to present an initiative that brings the highest level of coaching in Alberta together in this first ever Skills-and-Drills Coaches Workshop.

These 2 hour workshops will consists of both chalk-talk and live practice instruction tailored specifically for each division from Novice to Midget. Each workshop will be focused on a specific division so that coaches get the maximum value out of the content. You will walk away from these workshops with division-appropriate drills to apply to your own practices.

During the chalk-talk portion, instructors will review the drills and skills that will be worked on during the practice thereby giving coaches extensive detail on what skills will be worked on during the practice portion, the drills that facilitate those skills, and the teaching points that coaches should be focused on. The instructors will then put these points into effect during the practice portion. Each workship will be assigned a high level minor team to execute the practice portion so that coaches can watch and absorb.

In addition, although the content of these workshops will be predetermined (see schedules below for general focus topics), there will be opportunities for coaches to ask about specific areas of interest (e.g. special teams, offence, defence, flow drills, ball handling drills, etc.), get drills for those areas, and watch those drills in action (all time permitting).

If you cannot make your assigned division workshop you are welcome to join any of the other workshops at any level – attend them all if you wish! We do encourage you to participate in both a Mounties and a Knights workshop so that you are exposed to different ideas and theories.

NoviceThu, April 266-8pmMax BellPassing, CatchingSr Mounties
NoviceThu, May 36-8pmMax BellPassing, CatchingSr Knights
NoviceSat, May 52-3:30pmMount PleasantBall handling, PicksSr Knights
NoviceThu, May 106-8pmARCBall handling, PicksSr Mounties
PeeWeeSat, May 1210-11amARCOffense, DefenseSr Knights
PeeWeeSat, May 122-3:30pmMount PleasantOffense, DefenseSr Mounties
PeeWeeThu, May 176-8pmMax BellFlow Drills, Ball handlingSr Mounties
PeeWeeThu, May 246-8pmMax BellFlow Drills, Ball handlingSr Knights
BantamSat, May 262-3:30pmMount PleasantOffense, DefenseSr Knights
BantamThur, May 316-8pmMax BellFlow Drills, Ball handlingSr Mounties
BantamThu, May 316-8pmARCOffense, DefenseSr Knights
BantamThu, June 76-8pmMax BellFlow Drills, Ball HandlingSr Mounties
MidgetSat, June 910-11:30amSFCOffense, DefenseSr Mounties
MidgetThu, June 146-8pmMax BellFlow Drills, Ball HandlingSr Mounties
MidgetSat, June 162-3:30pmMount PleasantOffense, DefenseSr Knights
MidgetThur, June 216-8pmMax BellFlow Drills, Ball handlingSr Knights


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