CDLA AGM – Monday, December 3 – 7-8pm – South Soccer Centre

The 2018 CDLA AGM will be held on Monday, December 3 at the South Soccer Centre Main Boardroom.

At the board’s meeting on November 5th, a number of new positions were established on the board.  These new positions have been created as a means of delivering on a number of strategic objectives the board has set out in the CDLA Strategic Plan. (see summary below)

Up for election are the positions of President, VP Marketing, VP Development, VP Competition, VP Governance (Secretary), VP Coaching and the position of Treasurer.

For more information on the various board positions, please refer to the following overview and the PDF document – Proposed changes to the CDLA Executive Committee-Final.  While the document reads ‘Proposed’, these positions have now been approved by the board and nominations will be sought to fill them at the December meeting.


Background Information on CDLA Strategic Plan and New Board Positions

In October 2017, the CDLA started a Strategic Planning initiative. A very simple plan was developed which contained a mission and 5 strategic goals. This document is available at the following link.
CDLA Strategic Plan

Following up on the strategic plan, there are some new CDLA Board positions that were approved at the November 5th CDLA meeting to enable the CDLA to achieve its strategic objectives as outlined in the CDLA Strategic Plan. These goals include:

Strategic Goal 1 – Working Together for the Betterment of Lacrosse (Community Building) – To implement a system of accessibility to quality coaching resources and information sharing.

Strategic Goal 2 – Developing better coaches – To develop better coaches through foundational teaching programs and quality resources.

Strategic Goal 3 – Advertising and Promoting the game of lacrosse – To better promote the game through school programs, other sport camps, promotional activities and major events (ie: Stampede Parade).

Strategic Goal 4 – CDLA Board Development – To attract and develop new board members to ensure board positions are filled from year to year and a succession plan is in place. Encourage representatives from each club to work on a specific CDLA initiative so they become familiar with CDLA board operations and are more confident to assume a volunteer CDLA Board position in the future.

Strategic Goal 5 – CDLA Board Governance and Operations – To ensure that the board and CDLA as a whole has well defined operational procedures as well as roles and responsibilities.

CDLA Board Positions

As a result of the strategic goals listed above, a number of new positions have been created on the CDLA Board. The CDLA is looking for candidates to fill these positions.

– Oversee the business of the CDLA
– Lead and Direct the CDLA Executive Director

– Oversee the finances and financial reporting of the CDLA
– Lead and Direct the CDLA Book Keeper and the Canada Day Tournament Director in consultation with the CDLA Executive Director

VP Governance and CDLA Secretary
– Strategic Goal 4 – CDLA Board Development
– Strategic Goal5 – CDLA Board Governance and Operations
– Fulfill the duties of the secretary for CDLA Board Meetings
– Fulfills the role of Chairman for CDLA meetings in the absence of the President
– Lead CDLA contract positions in consultation with the CDLA Executive Director
– Leads in reviewing, updating and changes to CDLA Policies; Procedures and Bylaws
– Monitors the CDLA meetings for adherence to the Roberts Rules of Order
– Administration of the nomination committee

VP – Coaching
– Deliver to the CDLA Strategic Goal2 – Developing better coaches
– Liaise with club Technical or Coaching Directors
– Liaise with CLA and ALA on coaching certification matters as appropriate

VP – Marketing
– Strategic Goal 3 – Advertising and Promoting the game of lacrosse
– Foster positive relationships with beneficial partners
– Lead in the development of outbound communications
– Lead in developing Advertising Campaigns
– Lead in developing Sponsorship and Advertising opportunities for industry partners
– Initiate growth opportunities for the game of Lacrosse
– School programs
– Community programs
– Coordinate with club executives in similar roles to enhance communications efficacy and efficiency

VP – Competition
– Lead in the development and delivery of CDLA on floor activities
– Practice
– League
– Playoffs
– Canada Day
– Lead CDLA in the delivery of National Competitions
– Alberta Summer Games coordination
– CDLA’s position on ALA Provincials
– CDLA’s position on Tournaments / or input into how ALA tournaments should be organized
– Coordinate, team numbers, team skill levels and similar activities to ensure fun and fair competition for all CDLA participants.

VP Development
– Strategic Goal 1 – Working Together for the Betterment of Lacrosse (Community Building)
– Lead in Respect in Sport
– Working with Parents, Players and Coaches in aligning behaviors with the code of conduct
– Liaise with Discipline Director for Rule enhancements
– Assist ALRA in developing Officials

All of these positions are up for election if you are interested. If you have any questions about these positions, please contact Frank Natt at or Kevin Murray at


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