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CDLA Parents and Players

The CDLA is promoting “Come Try Lacrosse” sessions in conjunction with new Female Lacrosse Association in the Calgary Area. As a member of the CDLA, your player may also have a sister who may be interested to “Come Try Lacrosse”. In an effort to encourage young girls to give the sport of lacrosse a try, these sessions are free of charge, a lacrosse coach is provided and lacrosse sticks/goalie equipment will be available.

Lacrosse compliments the sports your daughter may already play and makes them better at them. These sessions are also a great “team building/dry land training” opportunity for the entire team. Girls of any age will enjoy this and it will help the entire team. Discuss this will her team coach or manager.

If your daughter is interested, review the brochure link below on how to register, the protective equipment required and ask them to bring a friend!


Additional sessions will be available in January.

If you would like additional information or help with the registration please contact:

Mike Toole

Female Lacrosse Association

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