CDLA Member Lacrosse Clubs

The Calgary District Lacrosse Association is comprised of 8 member clubs and two ‘associate member‘ clubs.

Season registration is through your member club.

The eight member clubs are as follows:



North: Township Road 240/50th Avenue SE/Bow River
West: Centre Street S /1st street SE/Macleod Trail SE
South: Township Road 222/210 Avenue SE/Bow River
East: Range Road 282/Range Road 281

High River

North: still no consensus between Okotoks and High River
West: No defined Boundary
South/East: need to contact SALA



North: 144th Avenue
West: Range Road 25/12 Mile Coulee Rd/Old Banff Coach Rd
South: 16th Avenue/ Bow River/
East: Center St N/Harvest Hills Blvd N/Center St N



North: Township Road 260/144th Avenue
West: Center St N/Harvest Hills Blvd N/Center St N
South: Bow River/50th Avenue/Township Road 240
East: Range Road 281



North: Bow river/210th Avenue/Township Road 222/Hwy 22(Cowboy Trail)/ Hwy 66
West: No defined Boundary
South: still no consensus between Okotoks and High River
East: (SALA bringing back proposal)


North: (CALL bringing back proposal)
West: No defined boundary
South: Hwy 66/Hwy 22/Hwy 1(16th Ave)
East: Old Banff Coach Rd /Bow River/ 12 Mile Coulee Rd/ Range Road 25/Burma Rd(144 Ave NW)/Township Road 260/HWY 791



North: Bow River/16th Avenue
West: Hwy 22(Cowboy Trail)
South: Hwy 22(Cowboy Trail)/Township Road 222/210 Avenue SE
East: Macleod Trail SE/1st street SE/Centre Street S


North: (CALL bringing back proposal)
West: Hwy 791/Range Road 281/Range Road 282
South: Bow River
East: (CALL Bringing back proposal)


Three associate members:


Calgary Field Lacrosse

Mustang Lacrosse

Calgary Winter Lacrosse

- includes players from Calgary and surrounding areas
Calgary Winter Lacrosse


Calgary District Lacrosse Association Clubs